Women On Wednesdays

Each Wednesday in the month of February. Women on Wednesday features the phenomenal creative expressions of women of the African Diaspora in poetry/spoken word, dance, music, song, and theater arts.

The Women on Wednesday Art and Culture Project, curated by Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative and Ocean Ana Rising, recognizes the intersecting oppression of race, sex, and gender that marginalize the cultural and artistic labor of women of the Diaspora. We affirm the pressing need to collaborate with women of color artists who are expanding conversations about what it means to be of the Diaspora, woman, artist, cultural worker, and scholar. As a woman of color-led project, we recognize the radical practice of providing an uncensored and economically-supported platform for WoW's participants to articulate identity, art, and cultural practice as a personal evolutionary process and negotiation of violent landscapes founded in doctrines of silence and erasure.

Binahkaye Joy (dance), Piper Yvonne Anderson (theater arts), Una Karim (video arts), Malaika Adero (lit. reading), Bon Secours Community Works (theater arts), Tonya Hegamin, Samantha Thornhill & Company (theater arts)
February 15, 2012
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