Ours to Master & to Own: Workers Control from the Commune to the Present

Manny Ness, Dario Azzelini & Victor Wallis
October 17, 2011

Capitalism would have us believe we need our bosses. Envisioning a post-Capitalist society implies challenging this proposition. This volume, edited by Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini, reveals the history of workers who dare to disagree. From the dawning of the industrial epoch, wage earners have gone so far as to challenge the very premises of the system by creating institutions of democratic self-management aimed at controlling production without bosses.

A Post-Capitalist Order

Gáspár Miklós Tamás
September 29, 2011

Gáspár Miklós Tamás, a political philosopher, was a prominent dissident in the 1980s and a parliamentarian in the first years of the Hungarian government following the end of Communism . He emigrated from his native Romania to Hungary in 1978 and taught for two years at the University of Budapest. After being fired for publishing (and signing openly) illegal tracts, he has become a leading figure in the East European dissident movements. He was elected to Parliament in 1990 and became Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1991.

Why Nature Has Rights

Vandana Shiva with Maude Barlow, Cormac Cullinan & Pablo Solon. Moderated by David Harvey
April 21, 2011

David Harvey and the co-authors of the new book, The Rights of Nature, discuss how to transform our relationship with the environment to address climate change and related problems like natural disasters. The rights-based approach to nature they advocate is beginning to discussed at the UN. Available for purchase: the edited volume, The Rights of Nature, and a new edition of Cormac Cullinan’s book, Wild Law.

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THe Next American Revolution

Grace Lee Boggs with Ruby Dee, Amy Goodman & Scott Kurashige
April 15, 2011

A world dominated by America and driven by cheap oil, easy credit, and conspicuous consumption is unraveling before our eyes. In Grace Lee Boggs' powerful, deeply humanistic new book, The Next American Revolution, she assesses the current crisis—political, economical, and environmental—and shows how to create the radical social change we need to confront new realities. A vibrant, inspirational force, Boggs has participated in all of the twentieth century’s major social movements—for civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and more.

Labor & Social Movements

Steve Brier, Bhairavi Desai, Ed Ott & Ai-jen Poo
December 15, 2010

We are facing multiple crises—financial, social, economic, ecological, cultural…--but progressive forces are very much on the defensive. How do we forge a new politics that puts labor rights and human needs first? Panelists to draw from their own thinking and experience to open this ongoing discussion..

Jack O'Dell: The Black Freedom Movement & Ways Forward

Bill Fletcher & Nikhil Singh talk with Jack O'Dell via Skype from Vancouver
December 5, 2010

This event was a book party for the publication of Climbin' Jacob's Ladder: The Black Freedom Movement Writings of Jack O'Dell edited  by NikHil Pal Singh.

Jack O’Dell is a legendary strategist and organizer, whose career spans the National Maritime Union in the 1940s, the underground left in the South in the 1950s, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

The Obama Syndrome

Tariq Ali, Frances Fox Piven & Rick MacArthur
September 20, 2010

What has really changed since Bush left the White House? Very little, argues Tariq Ali, apart from the mood music. Our panel discusses the issues raised in Ali's new book, The Obama Syndrome, including the hopes aroused during Obama’s election campaign, the financial crisis and  the  president's bail out of Wall Street, the plans for reforming the healthcare system and the continuing war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Venezuela & 21st Century Socialism

Luis Bonilla-Molina, Juan Carlos Monedero. Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela & Victor Rodríguez Alvarez
September 19, 2010

This panel of leading Venezuelan intellectuals discusses the roots of the current efforts to move Venezuela toward a new vision of "21st Century Socialism" and the challenges they have encountered along the way. Moderated by Venezuelan Consul General Carol Delgado.Translation by Michael Hoffman

Climate Justice: From Bolivia to the Bronx & Beyond!

Miguel D'Escoto, Tanya Fields, Monique Harden, Mychal Johnson & Pablo Solón
September 18, 2010

A fascinating and timely discussion on Climate Justice and what people's movements have been doing and continue to do in attempting to curb pollution and decimation of natural resources.

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